Thursday, 19 October 2017

Who said Kilts were not for Men!

Whoever said kilts were not for men.. better think again! The New !BBN! Leather Kilt with HUD simply shows how good.. and sexy.. and masculine a Man can look when wearing this Scottish treasure!

Mesh Models delivered on purchase are for Aesthetic, Adam, Slink, Beleeza, Gianni, TMP, NX-David, and Classic Avatars XL-L-M-S-XS.

Although basically a leather kilt, one has the option to add a little Scottish sparkle by selecting various Tartan pockets that are available on the HUD.. Also besides changing the basic colour of the leather, one can change the belts and buckles giving and amazing array of options!

Here are just a few of them...








New Leather Kilt with HUD - !BBN! Bravura Boite Noir
Body: Aesthetic Man Enzo - Niramyth
Head: DAMON Bento Mesh - **GA.EG**
Eyes: Ultimate Eyes with HUD NEW Pack 10A - **GA.EG**
Shape: Marty Dalglish
Hair: Boys/Girls 35 Black  - Dura
All Jewellery - Mandala

Have a wonderful weekend,
Best wishes,
Matt [Marty Dalglish]
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Friday, 13 October 2017

Snug as a bug in a rug! Winter is almost here!

!BBN! Winter Outfit Charcoal

Winter is a great time for me. I love the clothes and layers that one has to put on to keep warm. Although we have already released a number of winter designs, this one will be our featured and very comprehensive outfit for the season. Simply called the !BBN! Winter Outfit it comes in three colour ways [Blue, Brown, Olive, Charcoal] and can be worn in various ways. The full outfit comes with a free set of knitted plaid scarves and a free pair of our "Save the Bee" shoes.

No matter what body you have, this outfit is for you! In the pack are Mesh models for Aesthetic, Adam, Belleza, Gianni, Slink, TMP, and Standard Avatars!

Firstly there is the beautiful woolen plaid jacket than can be worn with a shirt or without. The shirts themselves can be worn tucked in or out with the jacket, or alone without the jacket. The jeans in six colours [Brown, Charcoal, Grape, Navy, Olive, Purple] come in the latest winter colours and are made in a warm corduroy. They are fully co-ordinated with the Jacket and the Shirts. We have added, for free, a set of scarves for you to use on the coldest of days.

!BBN! Winter Outfit Blue

!BBN! Winter Outfit Olive

!BBN! Winter Outfit Brown

Here are photographs of the Jacket without Shirts!


Besides the full outfit, we have released the Jeans as a stand alone purchase as well, and the come with a free pair of our very popular "Save the Bee" Shoes.




Also released as a stand alone purchase, the Seersucker shirts as a twinpack are available in the tucked in and over the pants versions. This item comes with a free set of the knitted plaid scarves.

!BBN! Twinpack Seersucker Shirts Blue (Free Scarf)

!BBN! Twinpack Seersucker Shirts Brown (Free Scarf)

!BBN! Twinpack Seersucker Shirts Charcoal (Free Scarf)

!BBN! Twinpack Seersucker Shirts Olive (Free Scarf)

It has been much work in the sewing room, however, we know that you will appreciate and enjoy wearing this new winter outfit from !BBN! Bravura Boite Noir.

Photographs with full outfit and Jeans only.
NEW Winter Outfit - Jackets, Shirts, Jeans, Free Shoes, Free Scarves - !BBN! Bravura Boite Noir
Body 1 - Aesthetic Enzo - Niramyth
Body 1 - Bento Head Enzo - Niramyth
Body 1 - Shape - Marty Dalglish Personalised
Body 1 - Hat Traveler's Fedora - The JFL Real Hat Shop
Body 1 - Full Beard and Moustache Brown - Deadwool
Body 1 - All Jewelery - Mandala
Body 1 - Pipe Old Wood - Don Reginaldo

Photographs with un-tucked Shirt
Body 2 - Physique for Males Hands / Feet - Slink
Body 2 - Bento Head Jackson - Catwa
Body 2 - Shape - Marty Dalglish Personalised
Body 2 - Full Beard and Moustache Brown - Deadwool
Body 2 - DuraBoy 71 - Dura

Photographs with Tucked in Shirt
Body 3 - Classic Avi Giovanni - Ooh-La-Licious
Body 3 - Shape - Marty Dalglish Personalised
Body 3 - Boz.Hair Black -
Body 3 - Headphones with HUD EARGASM - Mandala
Body 3 - All Jewellery and piercings - Mandala




Best wishes,
Matt [Marty Dalglish]
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

TMZ [The Men's Zone] October round now open!


This month, at TMZ, The Men's Zone,  !BBN! Bravura Boite Noir have created a Knitted Cardigan Set (Cardigan, Shirt, Vest, Tie) in three colours and Full Pack. Pop down and see the exclusives available at this worthwhile monthly event!



Your limo to TMZ - The Men's Zone

Best Wishes,
Matt [Marty Dalglish]
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